We are living in an urban generation.

More than half of the world population lives in cities engaging in creative technology, culture and artistic activities.
However, as cities continue to grow, so do the problems they need to solve.

Now with the global COVID19 outbreak, it is time for us to prepare for the post-COVID era with new routines and standards.
Smart cities can be one of the most effective solutions to urban problems in preparation for the post-COVID era.
A new standard of future cities can be set if the best technology is combined with the voluntary participation of citizens.

Korea has selected smart city initiatives as one of its eight leading innovative growth projects and
has already managed to achieve meaningful results.
Accordingly, through the 3rd "Smart City International Symposium", we would like to share the global trends
and advanced technology of smart cities with the participation of national and international experts.
In particular, this Symposium will be more meaningful as it will be held jointly with the UK – a pioneer in smart cities.
We would like to invite you all for this year’s Symposium that will be held online in real time from Oct. 14 to 15, 2020.


Thursday 15th October
(UK time)
(KOR time)
Session 1. Post Corona ONLINE
MODERATOR DaeYeon Cho Chief Director [Smart City National Strategic Program] more
PRESENTER What steps are expected in the UK in Digital Industries after COVID-19
Mike Short CBE, Chief Scientific Adviser [Department for International Trade, UK] more
5G Autonomy as a Service for Smart City Resilience
Kumardev Chatterjee Founder and CEO [Unmanned Life]
Role of ICT in overcoming COVID-19
HyeJoo Kim Vice President [KT AI/Bigdata Convergence Business] more
SMART CITY AS A GLOBAL INNOVATION SYSTEM : Case Studies of Korean Smart Cities
JunSeok Hwang Professor [Seoul National University] more
PANELIST JongSung Hwang Masterplanner [Busan National pilot Smart City] more
Session 2. Digital Healthcare ONLINE
MODERATOR SukWha Kim Professor [Seoul National University] more
PRESENTER Digital Health Living Labs: self-sustained vehicles for innovation
Theo Fotis Principal lecturer [University of Brighton, UK] more
An Internet of Living Things -Patient-centric intelligent digital infrastructure for non-localised delivery of safer,more resilient clinical care
Keith Errey CEO [Isansys Lifecare Ltd] more
A case of covid 19 response and digital disease management system in Korea
SeungHee Lee CEO [Newlake Alliance Management] more
Adoption of Digital Technology for Future Hospital.
KwangHee Jang Vice President [GE Healthcare Korea] more
PANELIST InYoung Choi Associate Professor [Department of Medical Informatics , Catholic University of Korea] more
(UK time)
(KOR time)
(UK time)
(KOR time)
Session 3. Smart City Data ONLINE
MODERATOR JaeHo Kim Associate Professor [Sejong University] more
PRESENTER Next steps in making London a Smarter City
Theo Blackwell MBE Chief Digital Officer [Greater London Authority] more
Human Centered Approaches to improving data and making Smarter Cities
Paul McConnell Associate Director, Digital Studio Lead [Arup] more
Data Hub for Smart City
KyungJoon Lee PM [SK Telecom] more
NAVER AI in Users' Daily life
JungWoo Ha Executive Officer [NAVER AI] more
PANELIST David Cuckow Head of Digital Sector [BSI] more
Session 4. Smart Mobility ONLINE
MODERATOR SangHo Choo Professor [Hongik University] more
PRESENTER The Future of Transport in the West Midlands (UK) and the role of new modes and emerging technologies
Chris Lane Head of Transport Innovation [Transport for West Midlands] more
The Future of Mobility for Smart Resilient Cities in a COVID World
Amy Hochadel Director of Global Business Growth [Connected Places Catapult, UK] more
Mobility Revolution: ITS to Smart Mobility in Korea
TaeHyung Kim Research Fellow [The Korea Transport Institute] more
Smart City and Smart Mobility
Chul Park Vice president of Open Innovation Strategy Group [Strategy & Technology Division, Hyundai Motor Group]
PANELIST HyangSook Lee Associate Professor [Incheon National University] more


The 3rd Smart City International Symposium will be progressed by online, according to government prevention guidelines.
You can participate through YouTube official channel below.
CHANNEL 1 10.14(WED) Opening (ENG)
10.15(THU) Session 1,3
CHANNEL 2 10.14(WED) Opening (KOR)
10.15(THU) Session 2,4




Jiwoo Hwang

Secretariat of SmartCity International Symposium

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